with "Grand Prix ETERNA" INT. CLOSE-UP COMPETITION INTERNATIONAL MAGIC CONGRESS 26th – 28th April 2019 unique and exclusive in Switzerland at the Parktheater Grenchen Congress registration

International Magic Congress / MRS 2019


Appreciated interested in magic!

Magic has a long tradition in Grenchen.
This is why the “SWISS MAGIC” association was founded to ensure the continued existence of the International Magic Congress and other magic events in the city.

The Magic Congress and Magic are now part of the magical Grenchen, as are the airport and the watchmaking industry. The tradition of the Magic Congresses – the first was held in 1957 and has been repeated every three years since 1997 – is not only to be maintained, but even to be expanded. On 1st. March 2014, for example, the first “Soirée Magic” was held in the auditorium of  Aula Schulhaus IV.

We cordially invite you to the “International Magic Congress/MRS 2019


The magic should be performed again.


Lindenstrasse 41
2540 Grenchen


Friday to Sunday
26th, 27th & 28th April 2019

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